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About me

Illustrator and map designer based in Australia.

I have worked within a wide range of industries to produce hand-drawn and digital illustrations for official and technical documentation, advertising, and government departments.


My love for maps goes back to childhood – I owned an A2-size world atlas that I would spend many hours exploring. I also collected any print maps that I could find in magazines or on family vacations. 

I graduated from a technical high school in 2003, after which I did a bit of travelling, and would use my technical drawing ability to map and sketch the places I would visit.

At the start of my career I worked as a technical illustrator using traditional media of Rotring ink pens and ellipse guides, often working in dimetric and isometric projection. 

In 2014, I completed my BA Multimedia from the University of South Africa, and my career moved into more creative roles of graphic and web design.

Yet, illustration remains my true passion, and the experience that I have gained working in design has allowed me to elevate my illustration skills. Today, I create illustrations and maps by combining traditional media with digital tools. 



I have the ability to quickly read and understand maps and geographical charts, as well as work with GIS editing tools.


I have natural skill with understanding topics of a technical nature, such as technical drawings, plans and processes.


This type of illustration is my speciality. I have created hundreds of isometric drawings of various subject matter, such as maps, buildings, armoured vehicles and factory production lines.


I am a visual communicator. This means that I can best understand and communicate a topic by use of images or illustrations. I employ this trait by creating icons and infographics that present a concept as a journey.


Do you need a unique map design for your next project?